The congregation now known as Armstead Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal was founded in 1883. The land was purchased for $70.00 from Callie Knox. The first “building”, “Bush Harbor”, was erected from bushes in a small place in the woods where there were no streets or lights. The first pastor was Rev. J.D. Hudson.  The church was moved to the “Need More” community on Wood Avenue in 7 Points and then to its present location on Simpson Street in 1915. The church was named after its oldest officer Louis Armstead. In 1926, the frame of the building was torn down and the basement of the church was built. In 1946, the church built an auditorium over the basement and named it the Rev. S.L. Davis P.E. Auditorium. The congregation continues to expand both its programs and facilities with the addition of stained glass windows, kitchen, and auditorium upgrades as it celebrates almost a century and a half as a part of the Florence, Alabama history.