A partial list of artists for this time period includes:


Visual Artists:

Ann Harris

Barbara Long


David Sims


Elaine Augustine


Elizabeth Walter


Hilda Mitchell


Jean Schulman

John W. Morgan

Katherine Rice


Lindsey Stricklin


Marigail Mathis


Mary White

Nancy O’Neal

Ronnie Riner

Tim Jones

Tim Stevenson

Tommy Mathis

Vance Wesson

Vivian Moody

Wendy Van Pelt Gautney


Fabric Designers:

Billy Reid

The Louisiana native launched his men’s clothing line in 1989 and the women’s line in 2002, winning the CFDA award for Best New Menswear Designer in 2001. With national headquarters in Florence, AL, Billy Reid operates a design studio in New York City and in Florence, and more than a dozen retail stores throughout the country with emphasis on USA manufacturing, proprietary textiles development, and high quality construction.  Billy Reid has received numerous awards including both GQ/CFDA Best New Menswear Designer and the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2010 and the CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year in 2012.


Ellen Goode


Genett H. Johnson


Martha Beadle


Marigail Mathis


Mildred Rosenbaum

Natalie Chanin

Alabama Chanin began early in 2000 with the creation of hand-sewn garments made from cotton jersey t-shirts by founder and slow design pioneer Natalie Chanin.

Alabama Chanin focuses on local manufacturing—producing quality products in the community in a sustainable and ethical way. They use 100% organic cotton fabric in their designs, sourced sustainably from seed to fabric—along with repurposed and reclaimed materials. Organic cotton binds all aspects of the company: sustainability, fashion, DIY, and craft. For over a decade, they have worked tirelessly to secure an organic cotton supply chain that is, as much as is humanly possible, Made in the USA.

Alabama Chanin has expanded into a family of businesses including The School of Making, Bldg. 14 Design and Manufacturing serves, and a flagship store and full-service café called The Factory Store + Café.


Ruth Potts


The Batting Brigade is a local group of quilters with more than 50 members open to quilters and anyone interested in quilts.



Al Hausmann


Cecil Angel


Cathy Moeller


Frank Fleming


Wendell Cullen Hudiburg



Alan Flowers


Beverly Wiginton


Hilda Mitchell

Jim Jerkins


Lauren Zuelke


MC Jerkins

Ron Shady



Robin Wade

Local woodworking artist Robin Wade uses local products to create one of a kind pieces.


Basket and Broom Makers:

George Jones, Jr.

Glenn Rickard