These are examples of early items which were produced by the early settlers as well as interpretations by contemporary artist. These are part of a collection found at Pope’s Tavern in Florence, Alabama.

Wood Working:

This mahogany dining table has an interesting history.  The story begins as a piano was being delivered to the Forks of Cypress by a horse drawn wagon.  One bad bump, and the piano fell from the wagon and was so badly damaged that only the wood was salvageable.  This wood was used to make this lovely dining table. This table is on display at Pope’s Tavern.


A Hand Carved Clothes Wringer:



c. 1820’s



c. 1860



A Child’s Dress or Christening Gown:


Col. Edward A. O’Neal’s Uniform was made locally.



A Local Battle Flag.



Hair Art:


Iron Work:


Clothes Irons:



Gun Making:



Scalding Pot:



This is a replica of a hand made Broom:


These are replicas of a hand made Basket, a hand carved wooden Vase/Bowl, and Fabric Work:



This is a replica of a child’s toy made from Corn Husk: