A partial list of authors for this time period includes:

Fiction and Non Fiction Books:

Anne Newport Royalle, considered the first American travel writer, send a series of letters related to her stay in northwest Alabama.  One dated July 10, 1821, describes Florence, at the foot of the Muscle Shoals, as a new town, situated on the Tennessee River, with business and economic potential, transportation routes, and a diverse population including English, Welch, Scotch, French, Dutch, German, and Greeks.

Caroline Lee Hentz, considered Alabama’s first best-selling author of fiction.  She and her husband, Nicholas, operated Locust Dell Academy in Florence from 1834-43, during which time she also continued her career as a novelist.

Rebecca Harding Davis lived with her family in Florence until she was five or six years, moving with them to Virginia at that time.  Davis is best remembered as the author of works of “realistic fiction”, often portraying workers and conditions in the emerging industries of the time.